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FREE FREIGHT to the contiguous U.S.! Russell 676™ Spray Adhesive is a California Compliant Adhesive that is a versatile and effective spray adhesive for a wide variety of substrates.

Russell 676™ High Performance Spray Adhesive was specially formulated to bond polyethylene to itself, concrete block, wood and many other hard-to-bond substrates. It may also be used to bond paper, cardboard, fabric, urethane foam, foil to metal, and wood to itself. Russell 676™ is known for:

  • Fast tack and grab
  • High bond strength
  • Water resistant
  • Low soak-in
  • Quick drying
  • Virtually transparent
  • Permanent or temporary bonding
  • Pressure sensitivity for repositioning
  • Contains no Methylene Chloride

Case Quantities Only: 12 cans/case

Each can is: 12 Ounce Net Weight

Compare To: 3M 76™, Camie 363™, Bostik™, Seleprene™, Soverign™, and most recognized brands.

Spray Pattern: Lace

Solids: 23%

Bonding Time: At room temperature for both one and two surface bond, 15 min to several hours depending on the materials, temperature and humidity

Base: Synthetic resin(s) and styrene butadienecopolymer mixture

Solvent System: Aliphatic (Lexane) and Ketone (Acetone)

Physical and Chemical Resistance: Good resistance to oxidation, moisture and ultraviolet (UV)

Clean-Up: Mineral Spirits

Odor: Strong mint-like when wet; no odor when dry.

Flammability: Extremely Flammable

California Compliant

Shipping: Shipping UPS Ground / within 2 business days.

Priced FOB Bristol, IN: FREE/48 contiguous US. Cannot be shipped by air.

Pallets:If interested in a pallet (85 cases) please call 574.848.5650 or 800.545.5620 Click Here to contact us.

Heat Resistance: Maximum service temperature of cured adhesive is 130°

Application, Uses and Suggestions: Hold can 6 to 8 inches away from surface to be sprayed. Depress spray tip (with arrow pointed away from body) and apply a uniform coating.

For porous substrates applying two coats in the opposite direction of each other will increase bond strength.

For PERMANENT bonding applications, apply a heavy coat to both surfaces.

For TEMPORARY bonds, apply a light coat to one surface only and bond.

Read precautions on the label before using. For best results, apply adhesive at temperatures between 50° and 110°.

When finished, Invert Can and spray over safe area to clear spray tip. Do not use to bond unsupported vinyls, in high heat overhead applications.

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