About Russell Products

Russell Products, Inc. is a multi-line distributor and manufacturer of over 2,500 products throughout the United States and Canada to Home Builders, Marine, Van/RV & Custom Manufacturing Industries. The RPI acronym tells the story:

  • R: RELIABILITY: Here when you need us...
  • P: PERFORMANCE: JIT? No problem!
  • I: INTEGRITY: Our most valuable asset...

In 1988 owner, Tom Russell saw a need for a competitively priced, versatile spray adhesive that could fill a void in the spray adhesive market. He formulated the Russell 676™ fast tack high grip multi-purpose spray adhesive and also the Russell 690™ for high temperature bonding conditions.

The Russell 676™ is a lower cost alternative to the 3M™ 76 product line and offers more versatility in application while at the same time meeting the California compliance standards. Before long, Russell 676™ became well known throughout the US and Canada.

For more on the Russell Product, Inc. line of products, visit RussellProducts.com. We strive to develop lasting relationships with our customers as well as our supportive suppliers. We have created a family atmosphere of harmony, friendliness and accomplishment that goes beyond mere teamwork. We cordially invite you to visit with us at our Bristol, Indiana location.